Written + Photographed By Kelley Mullarkey  |  Video Produced By Sean Stillmaker

There’s a moment in all our lives when we look back and remember the first time we came across an image of Kate Moss slyly giving us that effortless gaze we’ve all tried to recreate at one point or another.

Anna, with her 90’s punk chic influences, envious laid back attitude and feminine romanticism, fell in love with personal style after seeing Moss for the first time on a 2005 cover of British Vogue.

For me, it was at age 13. AOL had mailed my parents a CD-ROM containing software to install Internet onto our computer. As soon as the dial up connection was steady, I typed the word ‘fashion’ into a search and an image of Queen Kate appeared across my screen. Two long braids framed her face while tousled locks cascaded down her back. During a time when I was brace-faced, socially awkward and in dire need of a good pair of jeans, she was the epitome of cool to me.

In an era of glamazon supermodels, Moss broke the barrier with her heroin chic look, waif like frame and irresistible electric energy.

When I met Anna, dressed in skinny jeans and a fur coat at Marc Jacobs’s Bookmarc store located in Mayfair for the signing of Moss’s newest book, she exuded an avalanche of excitement as we discussed our favorite Moss moments.

Bouncing ideas back and fourth, I admired how much Anna knew about her life and career. She wasn’t there to boast about it through social media waves. She was there because of a deeply rooted inspiration.

With her perfectly lived-in leather jackets, Chelsea boots and stunning British features, Anna is the kind of London girl I’ve always wanted to be. Layering jacket upon jacket over delicate floral dresses and band T-shirts, her style is a tribute to her two great loves – Kate Moss and 90’s music and subculture.

Anna’s love of style traces back to her youngster days hanging out alongside her father, a man equally as rad who credits his musical love to bands likes King Crimson, Pink Floyd, The Smiths and The Heat.

“My interest in style originated through my love of music. I remember my dad playing Nirvana and showing me the album cover and just falling in love. My inspirations come from the 90’s. I love the juxtaposition of grunge and femininity.”

Always surrounded by music, Anna’s aesthetic channels the deliberate “anti” fashion Americana grunginess of Kurt Cobain with his disheveled hair and anything sort of goes attitude.

Crossed legged on her bed in a pair of Converse, plain trousers and a red Proudlock beanie, Anna’s personal style is enough to make one believe the 90’s never ended.

It’s easy to see how Anna’s two great loves intersect and form a cohesive ambience of nonchalant inspiration. From Brit rocker Pete Doherty to English guitarist Jamie Hince of The Kills, Kate Moss has always maintained strong connections to rock ‘n’ roll.

For Anna, it’s all about the essence of Moss’s attitude and outlook on life.

“I love how extremely unique she is, how she dresses for herself and doesn’t care what the media or masses think about her. She’s very true to herself. That’s the definition of style.”

Anna, a fashion promotion student at the University of Essex prefers not to hound blogs for inspiration. Instead her, her brother and father regularly attend gigs together at the Boiler Room in London fueling their musical inspiration.

Shying away from the high street, most of her wardrobe is comprised of vintage finds, festival perfect pieces, trademark furs and jackets purchased from charity shops.

Standing next to her most prized possession, a framed photograph of Moss that she signed for Anna at her book signing, Anna’s love, inspiration and dedication shines through undeniably.

“If my house was burning down this would be the one thing I’d take with me,” proclaimed Anna in a thin vintage ivory tunic and studded leather belt.

Married to the idea of easy, never contrived style, Anna is sartorially refreshing and honest, making her thebest kind of fashionable girl friend to rock out with at any gig, naturally in a grim glamour ensemble.


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