Written + Photographed By Kelley Mullarkey  |  Video Produced By Sean Stillmaker

There’s something to be said about the power behind an urban environment and its citizenry. Some see a simple blueprint etched with streets, buildings, storefronts and faces. Others see it as a vehicle of transformation in every sense of the word.

Mimmi feeds off London’s eccentricity and peculiar make-up, creating a vibe that I’ve dubbed ‘Blonde Ambition.’ Inspired by the posh landscape of London’s West End and the funky, sometimes freaky corners of East London, she’s merged the two atmospheres into a wearable form of art, which she rocks daily.

Event planner, promoter and freelance hairstylist, Mimmi is the definition of a true people person. She approaches her professional lifestyle in the same manner as her personal aesthetic.  A lover of editing, organizing and tailoring, Mimmi believes in the supremacy of detail, a nod to her Swedish background.

Armed with her ambitious aura and ridiculously good looks, Mimmi has a natural sense of mystique that’s completely magnetic. Blonde bombshell and provocative minimalist are easily two phrases accurately describing her.

The signature metallic shimmer of her platinum blonde haircut comes with a story that’s humorous and pinpoints London’s role on her transformational style beginning when she decided to uproot.

Brought up in Dalarna, Sweden, Mimmi moved to Stockholm at 16 to study and become a hairstylist. Originally wanting to be a make-up artist, her plans shifted after an experience working alongside one of Stockholm’s best hairdressers.

After graduating at 19 and working for a bit, Mimmi left Stockholm for London to attend Vidal Sassoon Academy.

Dressed in a black jumpsuit from Zara and a pair of lace up Jeffery Campbell platforms, Mimmi laughs as she shamelessly describes the old version of herself that she broke free of here in London.

“Back in Sweden I had super long hair, wore small tight dresses and skirts and just blended in. It wasn’t a good look or really a look at all.”

Feeling inspired by the city’s vast mix of fashionable people, when two models didn’t show up to a class at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, Mimmi offered herself as a model for a fellow student to use for a practice haircut.

“I told her she could do anything. So she cut all my hair off. There were patches all over my head since I had highlights at time. I wore a turban for three days. No one knew I had even cut my hair off.”

Interestingly enough, I met Mimmi after I made the decision to cut off all my hair and put the fate of my new look in her hands – a perfect symmetry in my eyes; we both were in search of a new transformation ignited by London.

Drawn to a clean monochrome palette of black on black, black on white and white on white, Mimmi’s personal style is refreshing and strikingly captivating. She understands the balance and humbleness that comes with a lifestyle free of clutter, which she not only transcends into her aesthetic but her lifestyle.

Using simplistic colors that some would deem boring, Mimmi finds subtle ways to embrace the aspects that make up London’s many neighborhoods and colorful characters.

“Moving from Stockholm to England was a bit of a shock at first. There’s just something about London and its citizenry that’s inspiring. My style changes depending on the neighborhood I’m in. In East London, I’m not scared to wear anything. It’s the most liberating part of the city.”

With London’s long list of cool kids that have left an impact on its running list of subcultures and style moments, there’s no doubt Mimmi is part of the next generation of tastemakers.

Without being overly sexy, her style stirs up intrigue and makes you question where she’s going, what kind of people she hangs out with and essentially who she is. Her wardrobe instigates conversation.

From her jumpsuits to structured jackets and collection of wide leg trousers each piece screams Mimmi. A combination of high fashion and edge, it’s impossible to not feel inspired by how creative she is with such modest and classic taste.

With her relaxed mystique, cool ambiance and marvelous mantra of minimalism, Mimmi represents the modern woman.

Music By Carlos Alejandro Gonzalez Rodriguez


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