Written + Photographed By Kelley Mullarkey  |  Video Produced By Sean Stillmaker

In the midst of excitement, madness and exquisitely dressed men and women packed into the elegant Portico Room at Somerset House during London Fashion Week, Veronica and her latest collection for Basharatyan V entitled “Broken Angel” instantaneously filled my heart with exhilaration. Igniting a feeling that can only be described as total art induced hyperventilation through her ribbon knit garments and opulent cashmere gowns, Veronica is as authentic as they come.

Standing out from the crowd, she designs like a poet weaving emotion with inspiration while creating an extraordinary realm of aesthetics.

Showcasing the world through her clothing, Veronica brings to life the splendor and amazement of tender personal experiences from her travels with a passion that far exceeds the norm. Packed to the brim with knowledge, cultural awareness and electric energy, Veronica transforms stories into garments that remain deeply rooted in social significance and curiosity.

When Sean and I arrived to her flat, Veronica greeted us dressed in a stunning black dress from her Surreal Hidden Beauty collection from spring/summer 2012 that was radiating with beauty. Soft spoken, articulate and delicate, Veronica’s presence is warm and inviting, much like her creations.

Discovering her interest in personal style and fashion at the ripe age of only 7 years old through a Mexican soap opera called Mi Segunda Madre (My Second Mother), Veronica initiated her journey to become a fashion designer.

“The show was all about a woman who was a fashion designer. I was drawn to the beauty, to the magic of fashion,” Veronica elaborated while taking a sip from her coffee.

What began as a hobby of playing dress up with her mother’s wardrobe and converting her mother’s leggings into long sleeves as a child growing up in Moscow, Veronica’s life passion slowly transpired.

However, she made a deal with her parents that she would obtain a “proper” degree before pursuing a career in fashion design. While studying economics at Moscow State University, Veronica spent summers in London taking classes at Central Saint Martins experimenting with everything from jewelry to interior design.

After graduating with her economics degree, Veronica moved to London and enrolled in a foundation course at Central Saint Martins.

“I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to have my own brand. I wanted to create something extraordinary.”

Soon thereafter she transitioned to study surface textiles for women’s wear at London College of Fashion specializing in prints after working with embroidery and knitwear.

The most spectacular aspect of Veronica’s design aesthetic rests solely in her fascination with the many societies around the globe. Each collection is specifically based on a geographical area inspired from her past travels or the countless hours spent researching cultural customs and histories.

For her first collection, “Surreal Hidden Beauty,” Veronica dedicated it to Iran, Iranian women and the country’s history. After travelling there in 2009 with her family she felt so moved by the culture.

“Experiencing the culture was shocking. The way the women are so beautiful yet so covered up. Their beauty is hidden. I wanted to showcase that through my work and style.”

Having spent a year studying and learning Farsi, Veronica used 25 different Iranian songs about love, freedom and suffering on each of the 25 mute colored individual pieces. Every garment’s tag came with a song translation allowing the buyers a chance to truly connect with the emotion behind the garment.

“I use my work and personal style to tell people about different cultural traditions and histories. Travelling is my biggest inspiration. I want to share what I see and experience as much as possible,” Veronica said.

While researching her spring/summer 2013 collection, “Siberia,” Veronica came across a place called Chara Sands located in the frozen south of Siberia near Mongolia. Known for its desert like sands, blue lakes and snow-covered mountaintops, Veronica crafted her pieces after the duality of the remarkable landscape and natural wonder. A cobalt blue floor length jacket made entirely out of chiffon designed to resemble fur remains the collection’s standout piece.

When I came across Veronica’s Japanese inspired designs from “Broken Angel” at London Fashion Week I could feel the deeper meaning.

In a silk Basharatyan V button down blouse and black trousers Veronica explained the underlining inspiration to me. “I based the collection off of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha and the concept of the broken geisha. I translated the emotions into my pieces.”

Standing in Veronica’s flat her aesthetic and love for bold shapes, clear lines and modern minimalism shines through. Mirroring her personal style, her space is complied of neatly lined shelves, sculptural vases and art deco inspired furniture.

Some say the more you travel and see, the less you know. Through Veronica’s collections and personal style, she proves this theory wrong.


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