About Us

majestic disorder is an independent arts + culture print magazine catering to today’s nomadic creative community.

Our eclectic editorial and multimedia content is globally driven producing thought provoking journalism focusing on cultural topics, art, film, travel, identity, sustainable fashion, public affairs and feature stories with creative artisans across all mediums.

majestic disorder magazine is stocked on six continents through our growing worldly list of retailers and available to order online.








Meet The Team


Sean Stillmaker


Crucial ingredients to an engaging story are facts and details. Sean loves learning a good story, which he’ll painstakingly craft regardless of borders and barriers. An expressive expat from Chicago residing in London, he’s fascinated with concrete jungles, places of rich history and understanding the intricacies of the cultural fabric. His journalistic background started at Journal & Topics Newspapers, which he received numerous accolades for investigative reporting and video producing. When he’s not on deadline, books, films and urban exploring take up his time. Deeply impassioned with print journalism, Sean is amongst those building the bridge between traditional and contemporary ways of delivering content.


Kelley Mullarkey

Art + Creative Director

Originally from Chicago, Kelley currently lives and works in London. Always interested in politics, global cultures and human rights, she’s spent time living and working for an NGO in Tanzania, camping in Morocco’s Sahara with the Berber nomads and exploring organic spice farms in India. Today she remains devoted to advocating transparency and sustainability. When she is not traveling, writing, or making friends with her neighborhood baristas, she enjoys spending time snapping Polaroids, reading, seeking out vintage finds, and exploring new restaurants and places throughout London. Chances are if you can’t get a hold of this vino loving coffee addict, she’s skipped town and gone off the grid.


Vicente Vasquez

Design Director

Vicente is a NYC based designer. His body of work includes Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein fragrances, Anthony Brands and Cynthia Rowley Beauty. He believes in simplistic design and less is always more. For influences, he uses the world as his muse, being inspired from historical architecture, music, fashion, photography and theatre. When at leisure, he enjoys the simple things in life and can usually be found sipping an iced coffee and day dreaming. He also has never been known to turn down a french fry or doughnut. He’s very thankful for his family and friends with all their love and support in his work and play.


Lisa Wardle

Copy Editor

Lisa pursued a journalism career because it provides a way to consistently learn. She loves hearing stories from different walks of life because they have the power to guide us toward improvement, whether it be on a personal or greater scale. The native Seattleite now resides in Pittsburgh, but she has also lived in Chicago, central Pennsylvania and Melbourne. In her free time, she enjoys playing tabletop games, watching TV and films, gardening and cooking.








Publishing Ethos

Ethnic Diversity

We believe in ethnic diversity and showcase our support by featuring creative individuals and exploring cultural topics from all races and societies around the world.

Positive Body Image

We promote positive body image by not digitally enhancing, altering or modifing the physical attributes of the models and individuals used in all photos published. Everything you see is natural beauty and reality.


We believe in sustainable lifestyles where garments and material objects are produced ethically with environmentally friendly materials and when possible, created locally.

No Free Labor

We campaign for the highest standards of transparency and ethics by valuing our contributors. No free labor or unpaid internships are utilized in the production of majestic disorder magazine. All contributions are monetarily compensated.