Issue 10

Issue 10

Creative expression is a fundamental element of human existence. It’s not just limited to physical manifestations, such as a painting or photograph; it can also be something as intangible as the sense of home at a boutique hotel.

A human can be an artist at anything they do, from transporting people across a city to designing a brand’s visual identity. With 10,000 hours of practice, anyone can master a skill, as the theory goes.

Inside this issue we explore a wide range of global creative makers from those pioneering the film industry in Saudi Arabia to the emerging maker movement in London. 

Also inside are exclusive feature profiles of creative maker Karolina Merska, photographer Mukul Bhatia, chef Kristopher Edelen with chapter artwork provided by Daiana Ruiz and much more!

Magazine Specifications:
240mm (H) x 170mm (W)
176 pages
110 gsm uncoated paper stock

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