Issue 11

Issue 11

Our natural curiosity as humans inspires creation, growth 
and evolution. While your individual journey’s path may not always be visible, transformational power rests in pursuing your vision.

We dig deep to discover the heart of cultures we come across, so we can share their stories to unite people and places. Among the inspiring movers and shakers throughout this issue are the conscientious criteria they applied to choices along their paths.

Inside issue 11 we explore a wide range of global craft, culture and sustainable challenges from the epidemic of plastic pollution in our oceans to the industrial commodification of mezcal in Mexico.

Also featured in this issue: artist Tiffanie Delune, Sarah Shabacon of Bohème Goods, with explorations through Morocco, India, Mauritius, Hawaii and so much more!

Magazine Specifications:
240mm (H) x 170mm (W)
176 pages
110 gsm uncoated paper stock

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