Issue 2

Issue 2

Nomadic pursuits and bohemian lifestyles have inspired the pages of our second issue, so in accordance, we sit down with the contemporary epitome, author Julia Chaplin of the Gypset series books to describe this culture. 

We travel to Byron Bay, Australia where there’s a renaissance of this gypset lifestyle told through expat stylist Lex Weinstein. Our sustainable fashion editorial, Summer Alchemy, is the personification of these colorful inspirations. 

Also extrapolating on sustainability, we explore Ireland’s dairy agriculture industry, which is one of the greenest in the world. We also investigate California’s sustainable olive oil industry and how it’s battling fraudulent oils from overseas alchemists. 

Magazine Specifications

265mm (H) x 198mm (W)
128 pages
140 gsm uncoated paper stock

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